•  Bill Crabtree harvesting 2009 crop

  • Iguazu falls, South America 2016

  • Cotton, Rondonopolis, Brazil, South America 2016

  • On the Amazon, South America 2016

  • 13 t/ha wheat crop in England on 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • Finding ANZAC relations’ graves in Ypres, Belgium, 2015 Europe Ag Tour

  • China Tour 2013

     China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

  •  China-Vietnam Study Tour 2013

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  •  North America Study Tour 2010

  • James Crabtree

     The late James Crabtree (92) enjoying the fruits of our labour

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far

  •  The 2011 crop year – our best so far



Search for Sustainability in Dryland Agriculture

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This book on no-tillage agriculture, first published in 2010, is for those who would like to know where no-till has been, where it is going and how to do it on your farm. Whether you are a newcomer to no-till or an experienced practitioner this book has something for you.
Bill Crabtree has been researching and extending no-tillage for over 25 years and is well respected for his work throughout Australia and the world.
  • No-Till Bill is an advocate and champion for no-till, and the world needs more enthusiasts like him.
    Tony Fischer, PH D, FAIST, FSTE, AM Search for Sustainability in Dryland Agriculture, 2010.

Articles, Scientific Papers, Seminars and Workshops, Crop Updates


Bill has written many leading edge articles on agricultural innovations - see them at the WANTFA website. He also co-edited the book Advancing the Art of Zero Tillage which can be viewed at the Manitoba-North Dakota, Zero Tillage Farmers Association website.
crop September 2012

Seminar and Workshop Notes          

Seminar and workshop notes (see courses) can be purchased for $30 each.
crop September 2012

Crop Updates Presentations

My Experience in a drought as a farmer and consultant – January 2011

Bill Crabtree (M.Sci) Multi-award winning sustainable agricultural scientist and Morawa farmer
In December 2007, I purchased 2,750 ha of arable land 38 km NE of Morawa, with the assistance of my father James and Rabobank. The farmland borders the edge of the rangeland and I estimate the long-term annual rainfall to be 305 mm. The farm had not been farmed much at all for the previous 8 years, from the year 2000, and five of these years were quite dry.

Weed control opportunities with GM canola – 17 January 2005

Bill Crabtree, B.Ag.Sci., M.Sci.
Australia’s agricultural profitability and sustainability is being threatened by weeds proliferating and becoming resistant to many different herbicide groups…

Urea is as effective as CAN when no rain for 10 days – 14 February 2005

Bill Crabtree, B.Ag.Sci., M.Sci.
When urea or calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) were applied at the same N rate to Mundah barley 4 weeks after sowing, the yield response to urea was twice that of the CAN when the nitrogen (N) was applied just prior to a 27 mm rainfall event. Suprisingly, when these N fertilisers were applied after the rain and no rain fell in the next 10 days, the urea still performed as well as the CAN in terms of grain yield. With both timings, with respect to rainfall, the urea was economically better than the CAN where more than 20 kgN/ha was applied giving up to an extra $110/ha return.
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