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  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
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  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
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  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
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GM Issues

Crabtree Agricultural Consulting:

Here we examine attitudes to GM crops and farming them. Bill has been active in this debate since 2004. Some of those papers and articles are reproduced here.
Crop 15 June 2006
Crop 15 June 2006.

Featured articles

GM canola adoption in Western Australia – Feb 2014

Bill Crabtree, B.Ag.Sci., M.Sci., Farmer, Conservationist & Agronomist
The adoption of GM canola has been enthusiastically embraced by farmers in Western Australia and at a record pace. In 2014 the adoption of GM canola stands at 210,000 hectares, or 22% of the WA canola crop. It began in 2009 with only 850 hectares and 17 farmers under the watchful eye of Terry Redman (then WA Ag Minister). It is now estimated that about 1,000 farmers will grow it.

We import GMs into WA – so why can’t we grow them? UWA Presentation: 7 October, 2013

Bill Crabtree, B.Ag.Sci., M.Sci., 2009 McKell Medallist, Author, Farmer and Independent Consultant.
This evening we have heard from some esteemed Australian scientists on a range of GM issues. These speakers believe that GM derived crops are:
  1. As safe, if not safer, than from using conventional breeding tools,
  2. Enjoying widespread global adoption in agricultural crops and medicinal products and are
  3. Very powerful at speeding up breeding, which is inherently slow?
I believe that they would also agree with Greenpeace’s cofounder in Dr Patrick Moore who said; “The campaign of fear being waged against GM is based largely on fantasy and a complete lack of respect for science and logic.”

GM Crops are safe – Letter to the Editor – 24th June 2013

Bill Crabtree, B.Ag.Sci., M.Sci., Farmer, Conservationist & Agronomist
A recent GM food study with pigs by Dr Judy Carman sponsored by WA taxpayers (via WA’s past Agricultural Minister Kim Chance) six years ago has finally been published in an obscure on-line Journal. The study claims that GM corn and soy causes stomach inflammations.
The editor and reviewers of the paper and have done a great disservice to science, food consumers and farmers globally by allowing such a weak piece of work to be published. For credibility, the work should have been published in a well-respected, high impact journal, but I doubt that would have been possible.

Opinion to The West Australian, 24 March 2010: Kim Chance Blind to GM Facts

Bill Crabtree (M.Sci)
Multi-award winning sustainable agricultural scientist and Morawa farmer
and Prof. Rick Roush
Dean of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne
Former Agricultural Minister Kim Chance has continued to ignore the widely documented environmental and economic advantages of GM crops, with statements almost as wild as his claim in the WA Parliament that eating GM food would make you grow a tail! Limited by space, we correct here just some of the claims that Mr Chance made about GM crops on 28 January in The West Australian (page 20).

GM defence – January 2010

Bill Crabtree, Consultant and Morawa farmer
Bee Winfield and Stewart Seesink in their letters on 10th December are quite illogical and aggressive to Terry Redman and Ian Edwards. But do their emotional claims stack up? I wonder if either of them have ever visited Canada and witnessed firsthand GM canola over there.

Newman’s motives revealed? Letter to Editor – Farm Weekly WA – 17 January 2010

Bill Crabtree, Consultant and Morawa farmer
Julie Newman makes more inaccurate GM claims in the Farm Weekly on 7th January. I was approached by Borden farmer John Stone to see if we could develop a frost tolerant wheat using GM technology. John was one of the three Directors for Green Blueprint which was set up for this purpose. John has been saying for over 10 years (to GRDC included) that frost is a serious issue that needs the best science to manage.
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