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  • North America Study Tour, 2010
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2010 North America

North America

1–29 August

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Notes on North America Study Tour 2010

August 2010 Study Tour to North America:
A group of Australian farmers from WA, SA and Victoria joined us as we soaked up the city lights and the rolling plains of North America to see many fantastic landscapes and some of the best cities. . .
After the usual tourist sites of Los Angeles, we travelled north to the Fruit and Vegetable basket of California, The San Joaquin Valley. We were treated to a mexican lunch in the shed of a Cattle Feed lot. We heard about the Chinese takeover of the global garlic markets and watched tomatoes being transported by open truck to market (ketchup by the time they arrived probably!).

Amish farming in the state of Pensylvania had the group fascinated as we watched living history. The patchwork quilts were a hit with the ladies. Chicago board of trade in action on a Monday morning from the viewing room was lively and nerveracking, the John Deere tractor factory tour in Moline was fascinating.

Monsanto 's world headquarters in St Louis had the group debating a number of agricultural issues for days afterwards. Another highlight was the Kansas museum of history in Topeka which gave us a condensed view of American history. Great Plains Seeder factory in Salina also had the men buzzing as did the Quilting Bee shop for the quilters in the group. A visit to our first American farmer, Doug Palen, for the afternoon, had many farmers swopping stories, and the wives viewing the magnificent old farmhouse and hearing what rural life is like for the young and very pregnant Mrs Palen.

Dakota Lakes Research Station was a highlight for the innovative in the group. Jason Miller (part of Dwayne' Becks team) showed the group around the trials.

Canada was next on the itinerary and we travelled through the grain growing provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan visiting Seed Hawk factory, 2 Research stations, and private farmers along the way. We had the pleasure of local scientists and agricultural journalist join our trip to give local insight along the way.

Seedmaster factory, Dinosaur Park and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies were the highlights of the next few days. In Seattle we had our farewell dinner in a cosy Italian Restaurant and waved most of the group off at the pier as they sailed to Alaska through the passage.
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