• The 2011 crop – our best so far
  • North America Study Tour 2010
  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
  • China-Vietnam study Tour 2013
  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
  • 13 T/Ha wheat crop in England, 2015 Ag Tour
  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
  • Factory tour, China-Vietnam 2013
  • The 2011 crop – our best so far
  • Finding ANZAC relations graves, Ypres Belgium, European Ag Tour 2015
  • Harvesting the 2009 crop
  • Cotton Rondonopolis, Brazil, South America 2016
  • Iguazu Falls, South America, 2016
  • On the Amazon, South America, 2016
  • The late James Crabtree (92) enjoying the fruits of our labour
  • North America Study Tour, 2010
  • Factory tour, China-Vietnam 2013

Past Tours

Our focus has shifted to working in Africa through Arise African Agriculture – empowering Africa to feed itself. Please see more at www.ariseafricanag.com

2008 South America

South America

1–25 August

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Notes on North America Study Tour 2008

South American Study Tour, 1 to 25 August 2008
Ola! In August 2008, a group joined us for an action-packed farm tour of South America, visiting no-till farmers in southern Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Southern and Northern Brazil. Highlights of the tour included a trip to Maccu Pichu atop the Andes and the island communities of Lake Titicacca, of Peru.
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